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We Plan, So you can party!

What we do?

We help work with our bride tribes to create an affordable Scottsdale, Arizona bachelorette decor weekend! We have packages that help you create your vision or a vision we have already created!

We help work with all budgets for all our bach groups; so you can enjoy coming to your Airbnb decorated and ready to party! 🎉

Package Options

Ship your decor

Save your group some money and send all your own decor right to us for set up! This package is great for groups that are small or want to spend more money on going out and enjoying themselves!

Custom Package

Dont buy anything and let us create your theme vision! Once you tell us your theme we will show you for approval and quote you on your package!

Rent Our Themes!

Rent out one of our themes and backdrops.

choose one of the themes in our brochure and add on whatever you would like to your package! This packages also allows youto ship your own decor as well!

Ship It Package

Ship your Decor

This package allows you to still be part of your brides special day. Ship Bride balloons, balloon garlands, and much more!

Custom Package

Custom Theme

This package allows you to sit back and relax while we create and purchase your vision! This option is great for mix and match as well! With this package you can create any theme idea and we bring it to life!

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Rent Your Package

Rent Our Backdrops

This package is great for those who want a package we already have! You can choose a backdrop from one of our current themes and use the decor that comes with it!

What our clients say

"Next Level Bach was amazing to work with. Chelsea understood exactly what our vision was and executed it perfectly! Not only was she super attentive and helpful over the weekend itself; but she was extremely responsive and provided tons of recommendations leading up to our weekend as well!

Everything was above and beyond our expectation. I would absolutely recommend! "


"NLB was wonderful to work with! They were really accommodating and open to our ideas for our custom decorations. I made and ordered all decorations and shipped them right to them! NLB put everything up right in the house before we arrived. The team is always available through text. We also added on the grocery stocking which was a perfect touch and stress relief for everyone! I would highly reccomend!"


" I loved every step that NLB walked me through while planning our PERFECT weekend. The team was super responsive and took the time to customize our package to make sure it was absolutely perfect for our bride! We were coming from out of town and I felt so confident sending things their way and trusting their process! We appreciate all the work the team put into our weekend and have nothing but good things to say. For ANYONE planning a bach party in Scottsdale - I would HIGHLY recommend Chelsea and her team"



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Next Level Bach